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5 Things You Should Be Aware of the Insurance Process for Roof Damage

Dec 29

A roof damaged by a strong storm is a stressful situation. There are likely to be numerous questions and concerns regarding your homeowners insurance.

The truth is, the insurance process isn't easy and, if you haven't gone through it before, overwhelming. We cannot answer all questions and concerns homeowners may have regarding insurance in one piece.

We will provide five essential information that homeowners must be aware of regarding how to file an insurance claim on damaged roofing from a storm.

The team at Select Adjusters is proud to be the roofing damage experts in Phoenix. We guide and advocate for clients throughout the process of obtaining insurance claims adjuster in Phoenix. We would like to claim that we work for you and not the insurance company.

This article will go over the five most important aspects about roof damage insurance. In the final section do not forget to get your complimentary Storm Damage Checklist so you are able to identify if your roof has possible storm damage.

The insurance process can be complicated

The reputations of both insurance and roofing sectors are not very good. There are many insurance and roofing firms that do not always have your best interests in mind.

That's why we like to suggest that the process for insurance could be complex and confusing. Some companies use this strategy to make a profit off homeowners who are eager to have their roof addressed.

This doesn't mean that all roofing or insurance companies will take advantage of you. There are some great companies and there are less fantastic companies.

We want to inform you that both sides have people who seek to exploit people in stressful situations. Being aware of this at the start helps you be aware of this and ensure that something similar doesn't happen to you.

Don't sign any paperwork until you have been given approval

The roofing industry has a negative image, as I said earlier. One of the reasons the industry's reputation was forged is that certain roofing companies try to force homeowners into signing a contract before they've inspected the roof.

This indicates that a roofing company is trying to tie you to an agreement giving them complete access to your roof, even before your claim has been accepted. This is a clear and evident sign that they don't have your best interests in mind.

A roofing contractor that will keep your best interest in mind will walk you through the insurance process and give you an honest analysis of whether the roofing is damaged by storms or not. Then if your insurance claim is approved the company will ask for your name and address.

Even if you're panicking because of damage from a storm make sure you don't sign any forms from a roofing business until the insurance claim is accepted.

Adjusters from insurance must accept your claim

If you're concerned about roof damage following a severe storm, the first thing you must do is call your insurance company. After speaking with them, they'll either assign an adjuster to your insurance or ask you to call an expert roofing company for an inspection.

Whichever route the insurance company chooses to pursue, the insurance adjuster is the only one who will be able to accept your claim. A roofing contractor is able to inspect for damage from storms and speak for you , if they think you're in the right place.

But even if a roof contractor is absolutely certain that you need your roof replaced because of storm damage, the insurance adjuster has the final decision.

Adjusters for insurance make mistakes

Every human being makes mistakes, even adjusters for insurance. Although most insurance adjusters will be able to spot storm damage, they could make mistakes and deny you claim.

Don't be worried if they decline to pay your claim. There is a way to double or triple check your roof for storm damage.

Requesting a second adjuster to examine your roof is the most effective way to obtain a second opinion. If they agree with your claim, great, but in many cases, the second adjuster might insist that your roof isn't suitable to be used as an insurance claim.

If you believe you've got storm damage even after the second adjuster tells you no, you may request an engineer come out to your house, look over the roof, and then provide proof (if there is any) to your insurance company that your roof is in need of replacement because of storm damage.

You can pick your own roofing contractor

Once your claim is approved, you may choose any roofing contractor in your area you like. It's essential to locate a local company that has experience on insurance claims.

When you start looking for a roofing firm You should know that you do not need to obtain multiple quotes to find the best cost. It's because, after your insurance claim has been approved, no matter which roofing company you choose to use, the insurance company will determine the cost for your replacement.

Although you shouldn't receive several estimates does not mean that you should not do your homework and contact a number of roofing companies to choose the one that is right for you. You should make sure that they have a high-quality service and will fight for your rights throughout the process of insurance.

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