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How to Optimize Your Walmart Marketplace Listing

Jan 2

If you sell quality products on the internet, you probably realise how important it is to reach a broad audience of potential customers. It is, however, difficult to decide which ecommerce marketplace is suitable for your product, as there are so many options available today.

The Walmart Marketplace was created for this reason. Walmart Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for some of the best products and most trusted brands. Partnering with one of the most trusted retail brands globally, Walmart Marketplace offers you the opportunity to grow your business.

Become a seller on Walmart Marketplace

It's a considerable opportunity to reach more than 300 million unique online visitors each month through Walmart Marketplace. Your brand will be exposed to a broad national audience of consumers when you become a third-party seller approved by Walmart Marketplace. The benefits of selling on Walmart Marketplace go beyond visibility. Here are a few of them.

  • Build your brand with this opportunity
  • Provide a professional retail environment in which shoppers can become familiar with your brand
  • Trust and credibility are built
  • Monthly fees are not charged

Listing your products on Walmart Marketplace is free, unlike other ecommerce marketplaces. Since there are no monthly fees or variable closing fees, you can earn a higher income from your products and lower costs overall.

Becoming Approved with Walmart Marketplace

Everything sounds good, doesn't it? However, you must become an approved vendor before starting selling on Walmart Marketplace. The Walmart Marketplace application process allows you to define your brand and show why you would be an ideal partner for Walmart. Only reputable sellers can partner with Walmart.

Although the Walmart Marketplace approval process is thorough, it is relatively fast. The application process, which usually takes about 15 minutes to complete, must first be completed before being approved.

Here are the documents you'll need to submit:

  • Tax ID for US businesses
  • The Department of Treasury provides a W9 or W8 and an EIN verification letter.
  • Addresses for US businesses
  • Integrating your product catalogue through planned channels and methods
  • List product categories and data related to them (e.g. catalogue size).

Your vendor profile will be reviewed and assessed by Walmart after you submit your application, a process that typically takes two weeks. To begin the onboarding process with Walmart, you will need to sign a Retainer Agreement after approval.

The Walmart Marketplace Listing Optimization Guide

The following tips will assist you in listing and selling your products on after being approved by Walmart Marketplace as a third-party seller. 

Walmart's algorithm makes a significant contribution to this. The algorithm determines which products are ranked highest in the Walmart Marketplace search results based on the keywords and search terms a user enters. Optimising your listing for search engines (SEO) means ensuring it supports your brand most effectively within the algorithm. 

Our goal will be to present some helpful tips to help you optimise your Walmart marketplace is listing and get your products ranked more highly on Walmart's search engine. 

  1. Titles should be clear and concise.

You should not make your product title too short. 

Ideally, titles should be between 50 and 75 characters, following this formula: 

The following points should be kept in mind when creating your product title:

  • Specify only the brand of the product. No other information about your company is required.
  • Special characters such as #, @, +, etc., should be avoided.
  • Include product attributes in your description.
  • Special offers should not be included in the product title.
  • You should not use generic marketing jargon such as "most affordable," "best," or "top-selling."
  • References to other marketplaces should not be made.
  1. Images of high quality should be used.

Images of your products should be taken professionally, with good lighting and high resolution; zoomable images are best. It is recommended that your primary product image is always the front view and that the image background is always white, leaving very little room for extra experience.

If you want to provide rich content, you may want to add interactive tours or product reviews. You want to make sure the listing looks polished and professional, so you should make an effort to create well-designed, eye-catching images.

  1. Features of the product should be included.

If your listing includes product details, you can attract customers looking for specific features. To make sure you're writing the proper product feature descriptions at the right places, you'll need to include:

  • The shelf description of the product. Your report should focus on the most important takeaways from your product. Whenever possible, use bullet points to describe your product's top three to five advantages. 
  • Short description of the product. You should have between 500 and 1000 characters in this text under the product shelf description. The product's key benefits should be highlighted in a clear and inviting manner to the reader. 
  • The long description. The description includes a unique product description, with a recommended 1000-4000 words (roughly 250-300 words). You can also use this section to list your product’s top 10-30 features and benefits.
  1. Choosing Product Attributes

Your products' attributes are Walmart Marketplace’s information to categorise them. In Walmart Marketplace, you can choose 24 product categories to define your product attributes, so they are accommodating within filtered results.

  1. Offer competitive prices and excellent customer service.

You will compete with other sellers in any online marketplace, and there will be times when you will compete with more than one seller offering the same product. In other words, the same product will be presented on one page for all listings that provide it. However, Walmart will only choose one seller to receive the Buy Box. The Buy Box is crucial because it ensures that your product is added to the customer’s cart, not your competitor’s.

  1. Positive customer reviews

You can significantly enhance your overall search engine optimisation on Walmart Marketplace by receiving positive feedback from your customers in the form of reviews.

Providing your customers with excellent customer service includes answering questions as soon as possible, shipping orders quickly, and fulfilling orders ahead of schedule. You should encourage your customers to leave a review after they have purchased from you. Positive thoughts will help your ranking, and so will potential shoppers.


By becoming a Walmart Marketplace seller, your ecommerce business can achieve enormous benefits, including opening new markets to your business, increasing customer reach, and building better brand awareness. If you are a fresh seller on Walmart and looking for guidance, reach out at Urtasker. We offer Walmart account management services to effectively manage your account and provide several valuable benefits, including:

And many more.