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Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers Pull Back The Curtain on Insurance Settlements

Jan 20

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers Pull Back The Curtain on Insurance Settlements

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Pulling Back The Curtain on Tactics Used By Insurance Companies to Reduce Settlements

You’ve heard the stories, a friend has been injured in an auto accident, a slip and fall injury, a workplace injury, all your friend wants is fair treatment from their insurance company. Sadly, insurance companies are not there to help, frequently fighting claims to avoid payouts. If you are not prepared before contacting your insurance company or meeting with an adjuster, you may very well walk away empty-handed. In a recent article Phoenix personal injury lawyers pulled back the curtain on the tactics used by insurance companies to reduce the payout to settle claims. Insurance companies will use various tactics to fight your personal injury claim or lower the amount of the settlement. Here’s a list of the most common tactics:

1. Blame the Victim

It’s not uncommon for an insurance adjuster to attempt to shift the blame to you for the accident. Insurance companies will try to avoid liability for the accident by suggesting you are at fault If the case goes to trial, and the insurance company can convince a jury that you were even partially at fault, they can reduce the amount of the claim paid to you. If your insurance company tries to claim you are at fault, hire a personal injury lawyer to represent your case.

2. Deny Claims Due To Delayed Medical Care

Prompt medical care is essential for your personal injury claim. Discuss any symptoms with a doctor to ensure that injuries are documented for the claim. If you do not seek prompt medical care, the insurance company may argue the accident did not cause your injury.

3. Drag Out A Case

Dragging out the case benefits the insurance company. The insurance company knows you need the money, so delays put pressure on you to accept a quick settlement. The insurance company may also delay the case to create a statute of limitation defense. For most cases, the statute of limitations on personal injury is 2 years. There are exceptions to the statute of limitations that may increase or decrease the time to file a claim. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident to avoid a problem.

4. Requiring Recorded or Written Statements

It’s not uncommon for an adjuster to ask for a written or recorded statement to process your claim. This common tactic is used to obtain information to use against you to deny the claim. Your conversations with the insurance company are often recorded. Anything you say may be used against you to reduce your claim. Be careful what you say to insurance adjusters. Claim adjusters are working to protect the insurance company’s interest not yours, regardless of what they tell you. It is never in your interest to give a written or recorded statement to your insurance company without talking to a personal injury lawyer.

5. Asking You For Access to Your Medical Records

A common tactic is to request a medical records release to gather evidence that can be used to lower the value of your personal injury claim. The adjuster may tell you to verify your injuries the insurance company must have copies of your medical records. It is highly probable that the insurance company will use the release to obtain copies of your full medical history to search for prior injuries and argue that pre-existing conditions are responsible for your injury. There are laws that prevent insurance companies from denying claims based on prior injuries or conditions. Talk to a personal injury lawyer before signing any release forms.

6. Pressuring You For A Quick Settlement

Insurance companies may offer you a quick settlement before you consult with a personal injury attorney. But the offer amount is probably far lower than the value of your claim. When you have been injured, it’s never in your best interest to settle an injury claim before medical treatment is completed. The full extent of your injuries may not be fully known until a doctor releases you from treatment.

7. Suggesting That a Lawyer Will Take All Your Money

You will likely be discouraged from consulting an accident injury attorney by the Insurance Company. The claims adjuster may suggest the settlement does not require an attorney or that a lawyer will just take all the money. However, in reality, most personal injury lawyers accept cases on a contingency fee, so you pay nothing, and in fact legal representation will likely increase the amount you receive from a settlement.

Don’t Negotiate With Insurance Companies Without an Attorney

You might think that you do not need a personal injury lawyer and can get a settlement on your own. However, hiring an lawyer could increase the amount of the settlement you receive for your personal injury claim. An experienced attorney understands the damages available for an injury claim and how to maximize the value of your settlement. An estimated 91% of people who hire a personal injury lawyer receive a settlement compared to just 51% who do not. In addition, the amount you receive could be two to three times more with a lawyer negotiating the settlement. If you are injured due to negligence on the part of someone else in Phoenix or the surrounding communities, and you’re dealing with an insurance company, don’t go it alone. Contact a car accident or personal injury lawyer.

What About Criminal, DUI, or Family Law Cases?

What’s the difference between personal injury lawyers and criminal defense or family law lawyers? Personal injury lawyers fight to get you paid, criminal defense and family law fight for your feedom. As a result, almost all personal injury lawyers will work on a contingency fee, meaning they only get paid when you do. There is no out of pocket expense to you Unfortunately, for almost all other practice areas you’ll most likely have to dig deep into your pockets. Since freedom is on the line and you most likely will pay dearly for it, you should make sure you find an attorney or lawyer experienced in the predicament you find yourself|If you are paying for it, you’ll want to find a best criminal defense lawyer, DUI lawyer, or family law or divorce lawyer that best suits your circumstances}. Here is a list of Phoenix area criminal defense, family law, and DUI lawyers in the Phoenix valley and surrounding areas to get you started.

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