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Needing Boxed Lunches for Corporate Events?

Apr 16

Uncle Nick's Deli provides a range of catering and event planning services. Rehearsal dinnersand office parties bridal showers, baby/bridal baby showers, business meetings or private family events will be extra special thanks to our simple and quick Sandwiches, Soups and Salads. We also offer off-site catering. At your office or in your home We can design a menu, cook your favorite foods or design a buffet style presentation and are available for any budget. Let us create memorable memories of your event for you and your guests.


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Are you planning to host an event? If you're planning an event in the next week or the next year, simply fill with our simple contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Corporate Functions

Uncle Nick's Deli wants to help you project that image through professional and warm hospitality. Host corporate events is a ideal way to reconnect with acquaintances and establish new ones. We believe that traditional hospitality is essential to successful events.

Uncle Nick's Deli is happy to work with you on your next celebration. We will be with you throughout the process. We offer a variety of options for menus, customized stations, and friendly waiters to ensure your event is a success.


Planning a luxurious function can be tedious and overwhelming even for the most experienced organizers. One of the most important elements that any formal event planner or caterer shouldn't overlook is excellent food and drinks A high-end catering company within Belleville, IL can help in this regard. A company that does top-quality catering in Belleville, IL can be responsible for the preparation, presentation and serving of all the dishes you want to be served.


A top quality high-end catering Belleville, IL company can assist in making any event successful. You must find reliable top-quality catering firms located in Belleville, IL who can assist you. However, prior to meeting with representatives of any restaurant catering company you need to decide on some things. These are the steps to complete prior to selecting a restaurant catering in Belleville, IL company:

DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET for a meal at a high-end restaurant AT BELLEVILLE, IL

First, determine how much you are able to afford catering your celebration in Belleville, IL. The number of meals and personnel the catering company can offer will be determined by your budget.

If you are a little short on money, we can also suggest affordable substitutes for our products and services. One of the primary ways that a service provider offering top-quality catering services in Belleville, IL can do this is to use fresher ingredients for the meals they plan to cook.


The number of people who will be attending the event can help you select the best catering company to choose. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a large function the top catering company you select must be up to the challenge. Catering services for restaurants in Belleville, IL will prepare and plan for your event to make sure all guests will be served well.

Explore the options for food choices of A VERY LUXURIOUS CATERING IN BELLEVILLE, IL

Food can be the deciding factor for the event. The caterer you select for high-end events in Belleville, IL should be prepared to serve you an array of options which are in keeping with the theme of your formal function. A good company that does high-end catering may also prepare a menu specifically for your event to accommodate the needs of your guests or your specific requirements.

Find a top-quality caterer to determine whether they're able to alter the menu to suit your guests. You should consider the needs of guests with allergies and strict diets.

Determine if you'll need a BAR SERVICE RENDERED BY THE PROVIDER of high-end catering in BELLEVILLE, IL

Most formal functions require drinks and refreshments for guests to enjoy. If that is the case it is necessary to get a catering company which can offer drinks and that offers bar service. You must ensure that the event is stocked with enough alcohol for everyone.


Uncle Nick's Deli can help make your formal occasion a success. We can provide premium lunches in Belleville, IL, no matter how big or small your event. We can cook delicious, well-crafted dishes for any occasion. You can be assured that our food is carefully made by our professional chef and staff. Call us now for more information.

Making your dining experience memorable

A delicious and satisfying meal is a must for any occasion. If you're planning an intimate private gathering or a huge corporate event, hiring a good caterer can help you save the time and effort of coordinating each aspect by yourself.

At Uncle Nick's Deli We're committed to making all your social gatherings memorable by serving meticulously crafted dishes. We offer a wide variety of menu items including appetizers, salads, mains desserts, and much more. Our staff goes above and beyond helping you create an event that is truly deliciously special. You and your guests are sure to return home happy and delighted.

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