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Variety Sizes And Styles Bounce House Rentals

Jul 28

New Orleans Bounce House Rentals are the perfect way to add fun and excitement to any event. They’re safe, affordable, and sure to please kids of all ages.

The party rental industry is worth about $6bn a year and took a hit during COVID-19 but is now rebounding. It’s a great time to start a bounce house business.

Water slide rentals

Water slide rentals are the perfect way to keep cool during hot summer days. They are great for kids and adults alike. They can be set up on grass or poolside and are a must for any backyard party. They combine the fun of a bounce house with water park action. These are perfect for kids birthday parties, summer BBQs and block parties.

When renting a water slide, you will need an adequate supply of water to operate it effectively. Make sure that you discuss this with the rental company before making the reservation. Some companies also offer to recycle the water that is used. This prevents wastage and can help regulate your water bill as well. You can even rent combo bounce & slides that come with the water slide for an additional cost. They are perfect for large groups and provide a lot of entertainment for everyone. The water slides can be rented for a day or longer depending on the size of the event.

Party Rentals

Party rentals are a great way to add fun and excitement to any event. They are ideal for birthday parties, local community events, and corporate outings. They can also be a lucrative entrepreneurial endeavor. However, like any other business, it is important to understand the profit potential before launching one.

A party rental website is a powerful tool to help your business grow and reach more customers. It allows you to showcase your products, services, and prices. It can also help you build customer loyalty and trust.

A bounce house is a perfect way to keep kids (and adults) entertained while providing them with the necessary exercise and vitamin D. It will also allow them to spend time away from their digital devices and socialize with friends and family members. Furthermore, a bounce house will provide them with hours of entertainment that they will remember for years to come. Moreover, a bounce house can be used for a variety of other events.

Bounce Houses

Whether you are planning a kids’ birthday party or a community event, bounce houses make the perfect addition to any gathering. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any occasion. Some are even designed to accommodate different ages and heights.

A bounce house business can be a profitable venture if you understand how to market yourself. Modern consumers expect to be able to see products and rental prices online, so you’ll want to create a website for your company. There are many easy-to-use website builders available, and you’ll also need to set up a social media account.

You should also obtain insurance for your business. This will protect you against liability and lawsuits. Magic Jump offers resources for obtaining insurance, as well as other business-related necessities such as a LLC or an S corporation (both nationally and in your state of operation). You’ll also need to obtain a commercial driver’s license.


Bounce houses are large inflatable games that are popular for kids' birthday parties and other events. They are made of PVC and other durable materials and look like a house or castle when inflated. They are usually staked to the ground and connected to an industrial-grade blower.

They are usually rented from party rental companies, which deliver them to the customer and set them up. They also provide staff to monitor the structure and make sure children are using it safely.

Bounce houses require a high electrical bill, so plan ahead and figure out how much it will cost to run the blower continuously. You should also consider whether you will need a generator or heavy duty extension cords. In addition, you should know that if the weather is bad, your inflatable will not stay inflated. This can cause a major disruption to your party. If this happens, you can use duct tape or rip stock patching tape to repair the leak.

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