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How to Know that You Need a Columbus Car Accident Chiropractor

Jun 16

Car accidents in Columbus, OH in their standard nature may lead to severe injuries. Some people may not be aware of the perfect time to see a chiropractor Columbus after an accident but here are just some of the perfect signs to consider. 

  • Pain 

Neck, back, and joints are common areas of injury from a car accident chiropractor in Columbus. The most common and well–known car accident injury is whiplash. While whiplash rarely results in permanent injury on its own, the neck pain associated with whiplash could indicate a deeper issue. Serious neck and back injuries do occur, and a car accident chiropractor in Columbus will be able to provide you with a medical evaluation to ensure your pain is not something more serious. Meeting with a car accident chiropractor in Columbus will allow them to provide you a thorough evaluation to help create a custom treatment plan to alleviate your pain.  

  • Numbness 

Damage to nerves or the spine can cause numbness in many different areas of your body chiropractor in Columbus. Pinched nerves, spinal disc misalignment, herniated discs, compressed nerves, or severed nerves can all cause numbness and tingling sensations. Neck and back injuries are the most common ways for these injuries to occur. Because of the many ways neck and back pain relief in Columbus injuries can occur in car accidents, numbness and tingling are common symptoms, but one that sometimes gets overlooked as a serious concern when people self-evaluate.  

  • Headaches 

A headache after a car accident chiropractor in Columbus is typically called a post-traumatic headache, and if it doesn’t begin until later, it is called a delayed-onset post-traumatic headache. Headaches from a car accident are most often caused by a blow to the head, a concussion, or whiplash. Any impact on your head can cause head pain and lead to a consistent headache. If you hit your head hard enough, you may suffer from a concussion. You should seek medical attention from a car accident chiropractor in Columbus to help determine the type of headache you are experiencing and find a treatment plan that is a good fit for you.       

  • Sleeping Problems 

Often, insomnia or sleep disturbance chiropractors in Columbus after a car accident results from the pain associated with physical injuries. In addition to physical discomfort, car accidents can cause lasting psychological and emotional damage. This damage is no less debilitating than the physical symptoms you may experience and is more likely to delay the onset and develop over time. It is important to discuss all symptoms you are experiencing with a Columbus car accident chiropractor. They can fully diagnose, evaluate, and work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to get you back to living happy and whole.


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