OSRS Waterfall Quest Guide

When you’re ready to take on the Waterfall Quest during your time in OSRS, make sure that you know what’s coming. It’s very beginner-friendly so don’t worry if you haven’t spent enough time playing Old School RuneScape. Check out this guide for all of the information and tips needed before embarking on one of these adventures!

Be sure to stock up on Old School RuneScape GP before going on this quest.

OSRS Waterfall Quest Requirements

The Waterfall Quest is an intermediate quest that will still challenge you even if it’s one of the most recommended quests for OSRS beginners. You’ll need certain skills and items in order to start it, but there are no requirements before starting the quest itself. It’s a long journey with many rewards waiting at its completion – be sure to have your supplies ready!

Skills Recommended For This OSRS Quest

You will be taking on the following creatures in RuneScape; level 86 Fire Giants and level 84 Moss Guardians. These monsters require being at a high level, with superb evasion skills to avoid attacks while dealing damage back. You need not worry though because these beasts can only be found deep inside their lairs where you’ll have plenty of time for your food or potions to restore themselves before another attack comes.

Items Recommended For This OSRS Quest

You will need to collect Air, Earth, and Water Runes for your quest. And a rope too! You’ll want about six of each rune type as well as some food in case you get hungry on the way there – teleportation necklaces are also handy if you plan on making any return trips after completing your task list. If you’re feeling extra prepared (and have enough gold) I recommend adding Ring of Dueling or Amulet of Glory into the mix since they can really come in handy during long OSRS quests like these ones might be at times.

Waterfall Quest Guide

This quest tasks you with investigating the deaths of former elven leaders. This will take you to King Baxtorian’s tomb, where you’ll learn that one of his missing riches was found in the area by a waterfall. You also set off on a journey for treasures and learning more about this king who is best known for rebuilding Cadbury Castle after it burned down. Along your path there are many dangers along with high-powered enemies; however, if have followed skill requirements as well as item ones then even at lower levels players should be able to do them without too much difficulty from start to finish.

You’ll notice a rock to the south end of the island. Use your rope on it, then again on that dead tree. Get in this barrel and head inside! You will meet Hadley up at Lake Baxtorian’s northern building–he is there as a tourist guide for visitors like you. He can give some good background information about how and why we hid those treasures away from pesky pirates such as yourself.

As you head back to the area where your items are stored, gather an assortment of runic supplies- runes (obviously), rope for scaling mountains and trees alike. Don’t forget Glarial’s Amulet— it will allow you passage through this next door! You’ll want some food too in case things go south: a little something just in case there is no hunting around here…Just be sure not to lose track of those keys either; they’re important.

Inside, you will notice a number of pillars. Use the Water, Air, and Earth runes to activate them one at a time on each pillar. Head over to Glarial’s statue in front of the cave entrance when all three are lit up with runic energy; place her amulet on it and then find our chalice for your urn so that we may fulfill this quest!

OSRS Waterfall Quest Rewards

For completing the Waterfall Quest, you will be rewarded with a number of prizes. Finishing it grants you one point towards your quest total and 13750 experience in Strength and Attack skills which proves very helpful if that is what you are focusing on leveling up at this time. You also get two diamonds to help with all those pesky rock golems along the way as well as 40 Mithril seeds.

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