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Wedding Photography Styles and Types You Should Know Before Hiring a Photographer

Oct 29


We're all aware the traditional wedding photographer is no longer popular and in the past. But what about the pre-wedding shoots? Post-wedding photos that are candid or photojournalistic styles Are you seeking an array of styles for your wedding day!?! Before interviewing photographers, it is essential that you understand which one best reflects your personality.


There are a variety of styles of wedding photography. It is possible to have a classic American wedding or an abstract contemporary photo that will remain memorable for a long time.

You may be wondering which one is the most suitable for you. Let me explain.

Regular Wedding Photography


Weddings are once-in-life events and should be captured by Puretouch Photography. Weddings are a celebration which includes everything from the band playing, everybody dancing by themselves or with family and/or friends. It's an emotional rollercoaster ride for all! It will be a treasured memory for a lifetime through the entire duration of your marriage filming so that you can enjoy them any time you like. What more perfect gift to yourself than that?

It's important to capture every moment in video format to avoid regrets when life gets too chaotic.

Wedding and pre-wedding photography


They are much more intimate than traditional photography. The shoots are more focused on the intimacy between two people than wedding receptions that are full of ceremonies with guests. It allows couples of today to express themselves freely without worrying about what they're wearing in front of the rest of the world too!


Pre/Post Wedding photos capture real emotions from stored-up jitters during weddings: The bride's nervousness prior to walking down the aisle; groom shaving off his facial hair second time because he wants everything just right. These photographs let them be their authentic self.

Drone Photography


Drones are a great way to capture the aerial view of your wedding, giving the wedding that mysterious, wild feel. This is especially useful for those who are planning your wedding reception or ceremony outdoors set in the beauty of nature drones can allow us to see things higher than we can with just our human eyes!


This kind of Las Vegas wedding photographer can take pictures of all kinds of landscapes, including mountains covered with snow-capped peaks. Also, they have stunning photos that are taken from high above the mountains.


Let's take a look at some of the most popular wedding photography styles:


Traditional Photography

This is the most enduring type of wedding photography. This style provides a stiff and formal feel that takes us back to the times before our parents' weddings with all the classic poses you've come to know from your childhood memories, the ones in which everyone was painfully posed for photographs rather than having fun! Although contemporary wedding styles are becoming the most sought-after style for newlyweds of today, some couples still like including traditional photos in their albums due to the fact that they're just too gorgeous not to give them a go.


Photography of Weddings for Photographs

Wedding photography with a photojournalistic style is a popular choice for newlyweds. It captures the best moments and keeps a close eye on the bride and groom. Although you won't feel the presence of this kind of photography photograph, they capture all the wonderful moments of your wedding day. This style can also be utilized for formal photos such as portraits and receptions.


Lifestyle Photography

Your photographer will work with you to find the look that is most suitable for your personal style and preferences. The photographer will collaborate with you to come up with the style that best suits your personal style and tastes.

Vintage Photography

Creating a photorealistic album is difficult. You don't want your photos to be fake, but you shouldn't make them completely natural as it would ruin the old-fashioned feel! This is the most effective option for people who don't know the subject they are viewing regardless of whether they are looking at their photos on the internet or looking through galleries. Check to make sure there aren't obvious effects such as lenses shining light towards subjects in certain photos. These could ruin how authentic these images appear when taken in close proximity.


Fine Art Photography

What is it like to become an artist-photographer? It requires a keen vision and the ability for creative expression. It is a subject matter in art as with everything else. However, it only applies to the style, not to what is recorded on camera. We are trying to create beautiful things! Both of these skills are able to produce photos that are both visionary and focussed on execution. They can also clash since each person has their own style. Communication can be a challenge between clients seeking somebody "artsy" and those who prefer their images to be slick and polished but elegant enough that people can remember your photograph for many years to come.


Dramatic Wedding Photography

The wedding pictures you take are going to be memorable thanks to the contemporary, fashion-inspired editorial style or the dramatic wedding photography. For this kind of photograph, there are many items and settings that take some time, but once they're done the final product is simply stunning! The only problem? It's difficult to find the time between busy working days to complete an extravagant project like capturing these moments with a camera This leaves us with only one option: commit the whole day so you get beautiful pictures from your big event.


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